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Web Portal

CoyoteWorks Technologies Inc. offers quality web portal development services delivered by professional experts and talented web programmers. Our team has extensive experience of working with systems such as Drupal, Joomla, OsCommerce, Zend, Magento, WordPress, etc. We possess expertise in client-side and server-side technologies along with knowledge of databases and SQL language. At CoyoteWorks Technologies Inc., we build portal solutions combining information access and content distribution with cooperation and workflow management. Our team develops an unrivaled personalized web portal in accordance with your needs and continuously supports your business growth. Our goal is to come up with unique ideas and deliver user-friendly web portal solutions with the interface that attracts your users. At CoyoteWorks Technologies Inc., we think through all the way to solve the problem from the first step to the successful outcome. The key features we offer:
  • Excellent technical base
  • Web portal customization
  • Modern coding standards
  • Prompt results
  • Flexible work hours and daily reporting
  • Quality assurance
  • Quick real time responses to clients’ queries
  • Acceptable prices
  • No hidden fees
Based on your personal demands, market requirements and your clients’ needs, we undertake the web portal development, web programming, design, layout and debugging of operating services. With CoyoteWorks Technologies Inc., you will find it easy to go digital, create a web portal and succeed.

    Web Portal Development for Businesses

    Web portal development is a multi-dimensional activity that involves proficiency at many levels, including interface design, coding, architecture design, and database planning.
    Web portal is used to create a brand and promote the business’ products and services to the global audience. Web portal is a gateway for users across the Internet. Depending on the chosen business industry, there exist:
    • Travel Portals
    • Job Portals
    • Real Estate Portals
    • Entertainment Portals
    • Enterprise Portals
    • E-commerce Portals
    • Corporate Internet Portals
    To make a business successful, a web portal needs to be unique, attractive and user-friendly.

    Creating an Information Web Portal

    Creating a web-portal is a hard and time-consuming task that requires much experience. For a successful web portal, it is essential to define its main objectives, functional and non-functional demands, graphic interface requirements and available budget. The process of web portal creation consists of the following steps:
    • Functional and non-functional description
    • Graphic interface development
    • Technical project
    • Designing
    • Testing
    • Hosting and maintenance
    • Web-portal advertising

    Businesses need a professional advice on where to widen, simplify, or cut off the web portal’s functional parts. Only if the portal’s goals and objectives are described clearly and explicitly, the web portal will be created properly.

    Benefits of Web Portals

    Constant diversity, expansion of functions, integration and improvement of new modules are required on the way to success. Resource functionality planning and a single access point to various information sources, applications and content are essential to create a web portal. Depending on the business’ mission, main principles and goals, different directions of web portal development should be used. For example, to create a web portal for a large business organization, it is advised to use thematic news feed and business applications, such as stock quotation, exchange rate, etc. Meanwhile, entertainment web portals need another approach, including such services as forums, polling, photo galleries, online games, etc. Standard and sample solutions for web portals don’t work, since it is impossible to get traffic and attract customers making another portal’s copy. A successful business needs to have a web portal with the individual and unique design. Consequently, each business needs a personalized approach to develop a web portal and attract the target audience, whose interests should serve as a base. Web portal development helps work out the best business solutions according to business needs and users’ demands. Web portals are one of the most popular online resources that benefit the business and increase income.

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    Together with our partners and alliances, we catalyze and scale holistic innovative business transformations, create partnerships that span sectors, and take risks others cannot to help improve communities and the global environment.

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