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Our affordable Solutions help you run your hospital better and keep your physical and digital workplace safer and more secure

Affordable Hospital Price Transparency Solution

We help your hospital quickly publish online consumer-friendly pricing for shoppable services. We leverage our global resources to deliver a custom solution at a fraction of our competitor's pricing.

CMS Final Rule on Price Transparency

By January 1, 2021, hospitals must disclose their prices and negotiated rates for care services, and publish consumer-friendly pricing for 300 shoppable services.

Compelling Reason To Comply

If non-compliant with the CMS Final Rule by January 1, 2021, your hospitals could face a fine of $300 per day and the withholding of Medicare payments.

Financing Available

With affordable low monthly payments, you can easily budget for the immediate remediation of price transparency noncompliance.

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Our Digital Solutions

In this pandemic, going digital for workplace is essential. Our digital solutions connect your onsite and remote teams to provide faster, better and cheaper products /services for your customers.

We help your hospital quickly setup a digital portal to publish consumer-friendly pricing for shoppable services.  We leverage our global resources to deliver a Price Transparency Compliance solution at a fraction of our competitor's pricing.

Use Remote Work Central to create a secured digital workspace to connect your onsite and remote teams

We help you update your brand's online presence including web design, backup, maintenance and hosting

Use Intelligent Workplace Management System(IWMS) Central to safely organize and run your physical workspace by setting up zones, controlling the visitors' access, and tracing contacts on your site

Why Go Digital

Prior to the pandemic, as a business owner, you probably seen no need to abandon your traditional ways of doing business. In this pandemic, many businesses are struggling. Going digital will help your business survive and thrive in this pandemic by moving many components of your day-to-day operation online.


Workplace Digitization is Vital

If you are a small business owner, you are most likely negatively impacted during the CoVid 19 pandemic: some customers are reluctant to shop from you or use your services due to their fear of getting infected, and the official restrictions make daily business activities more complicated. This situation could have destroyed many small businesses in the past, but nowadays, in the era of digital innovations, going bankrupt and shutting down your company is not the only option – in fact, you can survive the pandemic successfully and even grow your business by moving your day-to-day operation online. Sure, certain companies, such as repair shops, construction firms, salons, private clinics, delivery services, or takeaway food stores need to retain at least some offline aspects of their workflow to function properly, so they can’t switch to remote work and online communication totally. However, even if this is the case with your business, you can still minimize the CoVid 19-related risks by reducing the need to interact with your team members and clients physically wherever possible. 

Top 4 Benefits of Going Digital

Business digitization has been an ongoing trend for many years already due to the numerous benefits of online management, sales, and communication. However, as a small company owner, you have probably seen no need to abandon your traditional ways of doing business prior to the pandemic. Chances are, you are still relying on printed documentation and other materials in many cases, and are talking to your customers and workers mostly face to face. The need to switch to the digital environment might be challenging at first, but the advantages of digitization make it worth the effort.

Old Customers

Many of your clients may have opted to buy from your competitors online only because it is safer, so, if they can get your products and services from your digital store, they will likely stay with you.

New Customers

Your company might be small now, but, with an effective digital marketing strategy and branding, you can build a strong presence online, attracting new customers who otherwise would have never known about your business. Going digital will make your company more appealing both to the younger demographic who are more reliant on technologies, and to potential byers who are not local to your store.

Operating Costs

As an business owner, you want to keep your workplace under control all the time, which is not always possible by communicating with your employees only in person or on the phone. A digital work management software can help you with this task, enabling you to distribute work efficiently and monitor the progress quickly and easily.

Information Retrieval

Paper and electronic documentation can be sometimes damaged or lost, which can lead to many negative consequences, and sometimes even put your business at risk. Replacing papers with electronic document and storing in a secured database will eliminate such risks, making all your transactions easily traceable and accessible via simple search.


As a decision maker in a small or mid-size enterprise (SME), the unique way you run your business is the key to your success. As you adopt new technologies for digitizing your workplace, working and collaborating remotely, it is paramount to keep your business advantage in mind. We customize our software solution to conform to your needs. You shouldn't have to change the way you work to fit a software package. We leverage our global resources to deliver your solutions at a fraction of our competitor's pricing. Our mission is to help you leverage affordable digital solutions to transform your art of business into a seamless innovative unique advantage that delivers long-term sustainable economic growth. 


About Us

CoyoteWorks was founded in 1997 as an enterprise ERP software solution provider.  In 2001, CoyoteWorks successfully deployed Galaxy, a public sector ERP for the Riverside County of Education. Galaxy manages all K-12 schools, community colleges and universities within the County of Riverside.  In 2015, we re-platformed our ERP on an open-source-based platform to deliver a cost-effective mass customization solution for small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs).  We have clients in Engineering and Construction, Healthcare, Biomedical, and Accounting Firms. In 2018, we became an IBM solution partner.
Coyoteworks Technologies Inc. has delivered large-scale business innovation transformation on time, within budget, and to our Clients' satisfaction across many different industries. The cornerstone to our success is Coyoteworks Technolgies Inc.' Accelerated, Responsive and Client-driven (ARC) business innovation transformation Playbook, ARC Innovate™. ARC Innovate™ Playbook provides a seamless innovation transformation metamodel spanning business innovation transformation, information strategy planning, business process improvement and management and system design and development.
Coyoteworks Technologies Inc. strives to create long-term client relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently helping its Global 1000 clients leverage technology to innovate their art of business into a seamless competitive advantage delivering long-term sustainable economic growth.
Our vision is to enable our clients to build a better, stronger and more durable high-performance business for future generations and help improve communities and the global environment.

Leverage Our Solutions

In the race to increase productivity and reduce cost, business organizations embark on continuous business transformation. In this race, Information Technology has changed from a supporting role to a strategic tool necessary for a successful business transformation. Vast amounts of time, effort, and money have been spent to implement effective information systems, yet many initiatives either grossly exceed projected schedule and budget or fail to meet business needs. Leverage our technology solutions to quick-start business innovation transformations and accelerate the delivery of business initiatives.

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