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Our specialists have developed Remote Work Central specially for small business that decided to switch to digital working environment due to the COVID-19 or any other reasons. With this innovative tool you will enjoy the benefits of running your business remotely.

COVID-19: Remote Work Is the Only Way

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak many companies are experiencing severe system disruptions, delays, and profit losses. Many business owners’ only choice is to either shut down their companies, or to shift to a virtual office. The 2SmartWorks team has found an efficient solution to this problem by providing companies with a seamless platform that supports remote work. There’s no need to worry about any challenges that can put your work process at risk anymore, be it weather conditions or the disease that is spreading all around the world. Our Remote Work Central app, and computer device, and stable internet connection are the only things you need to successfully run your business from any location.

Adapting to “The New Normal”

In the age of world-wide pandemic caused by the COVID-19, the time is the most valuable resource you have. Thus, the earlier you respond to a new reality, the more chance you have to make your business survive and succeed in these conditions. Here are the three main strategies that will help you adapt your business to new market requirements:

  • Be Proactive
Get ready to quickly address the social and financial difficulties caused by the pandemic. Do not harbor false illusions that this crisis will not affect your business or your specific industry. Assess the benefits of working remotely during this time, and plan your business operation accordingly.
  • Be Sensible

Identify the risks associated with the current cash-management system and stock supply chain. Restrain from any planned expansions and evaluate the technology issues you may have (outdated architecture, lack of tools, etc.).

  • Be Flexible

Reconsider your current strategies and create a business plan that aims at running your company remotely with minimal losses. Shifting to the new mode may be challenging, but the shift to remote work will eliminate the pandemic impact on your business, keeping your team members and customers safe from the risk being infected.

Embrace new business opportunities and move to borderless work environment with CoyoteWorks.

Why Remote Work Central?

Running business in the times of pandemic is all about having a high level of flexibility, security and accessibility. Remote Work Central is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized companies, since it provides them with the numerous great opportunities:
  • Working uninterrupted under any circumstances
  • Communicating with the team, the customers and the partners efficiently
  • Reducing expenses for travels and office maintenance
  • Managing the entire workflow cycle
  • Tracking the company’s finances
  • Keeping the working environment safe
  • Monitoring business performance at any time
  • Worldwide collaboration Increasing employees’ productivity
  • Detailed and customizable reporting system
If you are willing to tap into the advantages of remote work, the time is now. The tendency to work remotely will continue even after the pandemic is over, due to the multiple benefits for business development provided by this highly effective business model.

We Provide Supreme Quality Service

In addition to the abovementioned Remote Work Central app itself, 2SmartWorks provides a wide range of related services aimed at addressing today`s new market needs and client`s requirements. Our team of specialists will transform your business through effective remote work solutions and tools, such as:

  • Managed Collaboration Platform.

    Our cross-functional platform supports messaging and file sharing, as well as audio and video calls. We create a flexible integration software that binds all necessary resources and applications together, such as Zoom, Excel, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Mail, Google Sheets, etc. Whenever you need to delegate tasks between team members or hold a virtual business meeting, you can use just one multifunctional platform instead of running a dozen of applications simultaneously.

  • Interaction Tools and Applications.

    We provide a planner module to quickly schedule work, allocate staff and resources and set up notifications. We will also create separate access-based dashboards to easily prioritize and delegate the tasks, and track the job progress from assignment to completion.

  • Cloud Storage and File Sharing Solutions.

    The 2SmartWorks team has created a reliable system aimed at controlling user access, which enables mitigating the risks of data leakage and loss. After your assets are moved to a private cloud, you can be sure that your data is encrypted and protected. Our specialists will apply the best practices to guarantee safety and transparency of your business.

  • Productivity Tracker.

    Our consulting team will provide you with a robust platform that collects and processes timesheet and daily status reports, sprint lists and other data. Besides we can customize a set of templates and spreadsheets for your internal use. Due to automatic real-time reports, you can check the status of your project and identify next steps for its successful completion.

In addition to installing the Remote Work Central platform on your devices, our specialists will provide you a quick, comprehensive training, so that you can get familiarized with all the functions this software has, and start using it for running your business right away.

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Together with our partners and alliances, we catalyze and scale holistic innovative business transformations, create partnerships that span sectors, and take risks others cannot to help improve communities and the global environment.

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