Insight 360

Why CoyoteWorks ?

Current Business Drivers - Unparalleled Competition For Customers
  • In a time of unlimited choice and limited attention spans, the customer experience is paramount
  • Choice of growth or attrition - there’s always a better deal out there
  • Know your customer through their behavior – work your data, know your data and leverage the trend
Our Vision – Improve Clients’ Business Profitability Through Data-enabled Customer Awareness
  • Segment your customer base to maximize wallet-share and identify new markets
  • Provide a 360 degree view of every customer’s relationship with your business
  • Optimize your success. Monitor and measure the voice of your customer
  • Identify and influence customer behavior patterns by providing relevant service at the point of need
Our Value Proposition – Data-enabled Enterprise Solutions at Affordable Pricing
  • Deep and broad subject-matter expertise in community banking and credit unions
  • Technology platform to first integrate, then analyze disparate data sources, seamlessly
  • Proven methodology that combines technology and industry expertise to identify trends “ahead of the curve”.
  • Align the expectations of your customers with your business goals

Our Portfolio – Successfully Delivered Enterprise Data Driven Banking Projects

  • One of The Largest OmniChannel Data Integration Projects for Credit Data
  • Predictive Analytics Solution To Improve Loan Performance
  • Loan Processing Call Center
  • On-line Banking Solutions for One of the Largest US Banks
  • Cross Sell/Upsell Platform for Credit Card Services
Credit Union Pain Points
Insight 360 Data Driven Cross Channel Solution
Insight 360 Solution – Feature and Benefits

Our Success

Shepperd Chao
Sweeping Business Transformation Innovation Journey Management Business Turnaround
  • Healthcare: Turnaround a 1000+ program for the largest Nonprofit Integrated Healthcare Delivery System in the US
  • Banking: Turnaround Multiple Online Banking programs for the second largest US bank
  • Banking: Turnaround OmniChannel program for Credit Card Processing of the second largest US bank
  • Space and Defense: Turnaround the development of a Fast Image Supercomputer program
  • Telecommunication: Turnaround a sweeping transformation for the third largest US telecommunication Company

Together We Thrive

Together with our partners and alliances, we catalyze and scale holistic innovative business transformations, create partnerships that span sectors, and take risks others cannot to help improve communities and the global environment.

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